Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hold the Front Page - A Ricketts-captained Team Actually Wins

Last night we played against Syston 2 in the Harrod Cup. Having managed to beat Syston 1 8-0 previously (albeit without any "assistance" from me), it was a fixture that we had reasonable hopes of winning, even allowing for me picking myself.

On the top board our main man John Manger played Stuart Hollinworth, and bagged two points. John has really turned into Mr. Dependable this Summer, and I am off to William Hill after finishing this blog to put a few quid on him for the 2012 David Ward Memorial Trophy. Stuart said that (at least with regard to the second game) John always had the edge. I played Judith Mitton. In the first game, playing White, I completely messed up the opening, and having castled in opposite directions, I found myself the exchange down. However, my opponent soon found herself in time trouble, and by the point when her flag dropped, I had a pawn on her seventh rank. In the second game, Judith dropped a piece early on to a pawn fork, and then later dropped a bishop too. I then, without any subtlety or finesse, removed her pawns and pushed my pawns forward, to win. Ray played Reg Agger, and won his first game, although I can't provide any information. He lost his second game after dropping his Queen. Gary picked up his first rapid-play win in his first game, but his opponent repaid the compliment in the return. Well done to Gary on that milestone.

John Manger (U/G) - Stuart Hollinworth (104) 1-0, 1-0
Dave Ricketts (96) - Judith Mitton (86) 1-0, 1-0
Ray Beach (85) - Reg Agger (U/G) 0-1, 1-0
Gary Sanders (U/G) - Rob Mundy (U/G) 1-0, 0-1

Final Score 6-2.

Unfortunately, we had to play in the Bar, due to the presence of the Women's Institute and the Royal British Legion.

Also down was Sean Hewitt, to play Paul Colburn in the County Championships. He lost....

Mo Martin, who was non-playing Captain of Syston, gave John the sobriquet of "The Grinder". Maybe that is what chess needs - a bit of razzamatazz. Suggestions for other names for club members gratefully received.

It is unlikely that there be a club night next week, as some of us are engaged in the unequal struggle that is the County Championships, others are gadding about, and I don't think the Wylie Cup side are in action.

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