Tuesday, 16 August 2011

County Champs (Major) - Ross Vs Collins

Last night, i played a County Champs (Major Section) game against Bob Collins.
With the white pieces, i had decided on the plan of attacking like crazy. In this position, i played 8 Bxf7+ following this up with the knight check and some threats against the King and Queen.

In this position, i played 15 Qf7+. This was blocked by Qe7 and then a couple of moves later the king escaped over to c7 where i was unable to reach it and, with things looking like they might be turning to Bob's advantage, we agreed a draw.

In the diagram below, Fritz gives 15 Nf7 Qf8, 16 d4 as being enough to win the point (i am not so sure though).

This result leaves me with 2 points from 4 games with two to play.

Bob now has three points from four games, and David Reynolds (we think) has 2.5 points from three games.

Tonight, there is a Harrod Cup match at the Heathcote against Syston 2.

Good luck chaps,


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