Friday, 19 November 2010

Shepshed 1 (2-3) HA1

Graham B reports:

Always tough at  Shepshed. They start clocks at 7.15 and only play 30 in 60 mins.
We all started 5 mins down on the clock, Graham equalised on time after 10 moves and then his opponent took 40 mins to make the next 10 moves, something you can't afford to do on these time limits, as his opponent found out and lost on time at 1st time control.
Dave took a draw as the clock ticked close to the time control.
Raj, although an exchange up, couldn't break down his opponent's pawn structure and had to settle for draw.
Mike's opponent blundered in the time scramble, I heard whilst in my own time struggle Mike's voice 'YOU TOOK YOUR FINGERS OFF THAT' and he subsequently won.
I lost another 5 mins on clock looking for Raj as he hadn't been there before, so I was 10 mins down, made 1st control with seconds to spare, 2 pawns down in rook/bishop v rook/knight I fought on only to have my flag drop just as i made the move that gave me a drawn ending.     
18 NovShepshed 1vHeathcote Arms 1
2 - 3
1B170Toothill, Andrew0 - 1Sharpe, Graham192
2W167Bowley, Rupert½ - ½Bray, Dave168
3B171Henfrey, Robert½ - ½Ganger, Rajan167
4W164McDermott, Patrick0 - 1Cowley, Michael156
5B165Farrall, David1 - 0Booley, Graham153

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