Friday, 12 November 2010

Kirby Castlers 2 Vs HA3

Our first visit to Leicestershire's newest Chess Club provided a great result.
The first result was a win for me with the white pieces as my opponent blundered a piece and then allowed me to swap everything off. Michael had two queens towards the end and converted a huge material advantage into his first graded win. Drew took a bit longer, but also took the whole point. Ray had the hardest job of the evening against Les Bowles, but an even-ish game swung towards Ray in the ending.

I had predicted that Drew and Michael would be winning competetive games this season, but i doubt if they expected to manage their first wins on the same night and on only their third or fourth games.

11 NovKirby Muxloe 2vHeathcote Arms 3
0 - 4
1B100Turner, Scott0 - 1Ross, Colin102
2W100Bowles, Les0 - 1Beach, Ray90
3B80Gonzaga, Edda0 - 1Bubb, Andrew80
4W50Brown, Audrey0 - 1Bubb, Michael60

Paul Gray and Ray Townsend, both formerly of Wigston, have been very busy over the summer organising their new club at the Bowls Club in Kirby Muxloe (if you have trouble finding it - as i did - find Station Road, and look behind the Village Hall).

The club has been built around a club night with lots of internal competitions. All Swiss - no knockouts - and often with handicaps. One of the competitions involves two hour games with the time allowed to each player determined by their grade e.g. if Paul with the Club's highest grade against Audrey with the lowest grade - Paul would have six minutes on the clock to Audrey's one hour and 54 minutes.

The venue was warm and the lighting was good. The home team operate the bar themselves. Things were pretty noisy to begin with, but this soon settled down. There were lots of players at the venue playing friendlies, and after all the games except Ray's (which was the last to finish) there was some analysis.

Next week, there will definately by a club night on Tuesday as HA3 has no matches. HA1 plays away against Shepshed on Thursday 18th, and HA2 plays away on Tuesday 16th against Braunstone.

Well done everyone, especially to Drew and Michael. Congratulations to Paul Gray and Ray Townsend on their excellent new chess club.


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