Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hmm...Another Loss for HA2

Fortunately, this time it was only the junior league cup.
We won the toss and opted for the white pieces on the odd boards.
The sides were dead even at 471 grading points apiece.

Rob won, Ray succumbed to a queen sacrifice in the middle game, and John lost too.
I had been in a very drawish game with Mick Slater and had offered him the half point earlier in the proceedings. He had just gotten the advantage with a passed pawn in the endgame and should really have won, but offered me a draw - which i accepted immediately.

The results were:

Heathcote Arms Vs Red Admiral 1
board 1 Ensor, Rob 135 1-0 135 Wylie, Paul
board 2 Manger, John 134 0-1 137 Thomas, Barnaby
board 3 Ross, Colin 112 Drawn 100 Slater, Mick
board 4 Beach, Ray 90 0-1 99 Engels, Aaron

calculated score 1.5 - 2.5

Well done everyone.

Our next match is on Tuesday 23rd February, at home, against Braunstone 4. We need to start winning again as the Red Admiral and Melton are not too far behind us.

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