Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heathcote Arms (2) 2-2 Braunstone (4)

Another point for HA(2). On board 3, they raced through to the 30 move time control with half an hour each to spare. Dave had a rook for a knight and was able to force a pawn promotion. As soon as Dave won on 3, John (with the black pieces) resigned on 2 as he was material down and in serious time trouble. Alan on board 4 was then mated. I had been a pawn up, but under some pressure from some central rooks. Both under time pressure, we swapped off some bits and entered an endgame where i had two extra pawns.
board 1 Manger, John (134) 0-1 (95) Closs, Guy
board 2 Ross, Colin (112) 1-0 (97) Martin, Paul
board 3 Ricketts, Dave (104) 1-0 (90) Impey, John
board 4 Goodwin, Alan (80) 0-1 (60) Tangney, Vince

Heathcote Arms (2) 2 - 2 Braunstone (4)

Well done everyone.

Thanks to Alan Goodwin for stepping in at the last minute, and to to the Braunstone Team for showing up before us and setting up the boards.

Next time, we are away at Hinckley. The date in the handbook is wrong again - we play on Thursday 11th March.


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