Wednesday, 3 February 2010

HA2 Meltdown at Home Against Red Admiral 3

We took an unexpected kicking from RA3.

I had survived some early difficulties against Stan and offered him a draw when things looked more even. He declined. We continued to play as an attack of Rob's went badly wrong resulting in him being down several pawns against Mick Slater. Ray then defeated Calvin and John lost to Andy Carter. At this point, Stan offered me a draw which i would have taken if it hadn't meant that we would lose the match - but then things deteriorated again and i lost on time in a hopeless position.

board 1 Ensor, Rob 135 0-1 100 Slater, Mick
board 2 Manger, John 134 0-1 100 Carter, Andy
board 3 Ross, Colin 112 0-1 83 Parsons, Stan
board 4 Beach, Ray 90 1-0 80 Burton, Calvin

Well done Ray.

RA3 was the next team in the table behind us and Melton - they also have a couple of matches in hand - so may yet pose a threat.

Next Tuesday we play Red Admiral 1 in the League Cup at our place.


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