Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Littlethorpe D Win in First Round of League 3/4 Cup

Littlethorpe D (aka Littlethorpe 5) travelled to Syston for the first round of the League 3/4 Cup.
On paper, the sides were evenly matched - so no bonuses. Colin, Aaron and Herve all won their games within a few minutes of each other, shortly before 9 o'Clock.

Ray, who had had to race up to Syston at the last minute, looked to have the better position with a Q-side connected passed pawn on the fifth, but then went pawn snatching, putting his queen offside and allowing his opponent's rooks in down the centre.

The results were:

Cyril Johnson (120) 0 - 1 Colin Ross (100)
Reg Agger (85) 1 - 0 Ray Beach (99)
Judith Mitton (80) 0 - 1 Aaron Engels (82)
Julie Johnson (55) 0 - 1 Herve Tribouilloy (62)

Total Score: Syston 1, Littlethorpe 3

Next week, Tuesday 11th, we will be back at Syston (as Littlethorpe 5) playing their 3rd team.
We are clearly a team on form, so hopefully, we can achieve a similar result.

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