Thursday, 13 November 2008

braunstone 2 3.5 littlethorpe 3 1.5

with littlethorpe 3 already languishing at the bottom end of division two , the trip to braunstone seemed like a daunting prospect. already though this season our 3rd team have produced some battling performances to gain our cherished two points in matches where the grading would suggest an easy win for our opponents. most notably with the help of our two top board subs steve wylie and graham booley we were able to gain an unlikely draw with table toppers melton 1.
however with steve and graham both unavailable braunstons team of paul (157) shrif (159) mike (159) tony (139) and john (126) looked a daunting prospect , but everyone managed to put on a worthy performance , with a team result that probably flattered our opponents slightly.most notably, possibly , was a battling performance by lloyd clarke against mike salisbury to take mike right to the end in a battle against time and a past pawn.
the third team captain didnt want to get involved in the physical exertions required in a battle against the clock (which he surely would have lost ) and chose to offer a draw with 9 moves to make in 2.5 mins , luckily his opponent had the same dilemma and accepted the draw. george put on a very solid performance against tony to gain our only win of the night , well done george.

paul colburn 1 john manger 0
sherif gonem 0.5 andy johnson 0.5
mike salisbury 1 lloyd clarke 0
tony robinson 0 george sim 1
john oliver 1 dave ricketts 0

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