Saturday, 11 August 2007

Littlethorpe 2 Crash out of Harrod Contention

In the match against Melton, the second team went down 5-3, despite a valiant 2/2 from Pete Harrison. Unfortunately, it was one of those nights when it could have been so different, with good positions being generated, but not closed out. To cap it all, at the end of the match, it was noted that Melton's Board 3 (who scored 2/2) had a League assigned Grade of 100, but was ECF graded 116, so that Melton were in actual fact (although not in the eyes of the League) above the 399 cap. The end result is that Melton will play Littlethorpe 1 in Round 5 with the winner (if Littlethorpe 1) taking all, although a Melton victory will lead to three clubs all on 8 points and the dreaded tie-break.

C'est la vie about the grading, as they say. Interestingly, the League have altered a number of grades for the final round, including the man from Melton, and Findleys Senior and Junior. I am slightly bemused by the approach to this action, as surely the new grades ought to be the recently published by the BCF, rather than some slightly arbitrary Leicestershire numbers?

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Sean Hewitt said...

I think your comment as to what grades should be used is valid. Ungraded players have to have an estimate assigned to them of course in the Harrod / Chapman Cups, and its right and proper that it is reviewed up or down as appropriate. But once that guy gets graded, then that new grade should be the one used.