Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hammers pre season at Spinney Hill

Littlethorpe 3 travelled to Spinney Hill for their Harrod cup match 2/08/07
We were outgraded on every board but determind to give it our best.
Littlethorpe ; Board 1. Theory books Findley (80), 2. Stan the man Parsons (78)
3. Laurence the Hammer (63) 4. Captain Pete Arland (60)

Spinney Hill ; Board 1. Karl Potter (110) 2. Brian Slater (99) 3. Michael Garland (96)
4. Stevan Preocanin (92)

Round 1 ...was it really only 30 mins on each clock?...the games were all tough. 1.5 points came from Stan's draw and a win from the Claret n Blue Laurence.
Round 2...equally as tough and seemingly long...once again 1.5 points for Littlethorpe...this time coming from a draw from Findley senior and another win from Laurence (lucky West Ham top).
Final score : Spinney Hill 5 Littlethorpe 3. West Ham 2

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Sean Hewitt said...

Have to say thats a great performance - outgraded by 25 points per board on average - to only lose 5-3 is tremendous. Well done lads!