Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Ghost of Seasons Past

The boards were set up and the scene set. A Harrod cup match, two club championship ties and a couple of county championshp games were about to be played when in the door walked Frank Weidt! Frank is German lorry driver who played for Littlethorpe for a couple of years before moving to Switzerland last year. Smiles and handshakes all round. Apparently he had been to Leeds and was on his way back to Switzerland. His lorry was parked outside The Plough, although I dont think the residents were too chuffed! He was infamous. Always in time trouble, his post mortem analysis was great. The funniest thing were his sayings. He was often heard to exclaim "un-bee-leee-va-bull" and "fa-king" or, after playing an iffy move when playing blitz "I am a bi-ginn-errr" So it was no surprise when, 20 minutes into play, someones mobile phone started ringing. After a seconds delay Frank grabed his bag and ran for the door, but pushing it instead of pulling he made more noise than the phone itself! And to top it all, he let rip with "fa-king!!" Ah, the memories came flooding back like he'd never been away!

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