Sunday, 15 September 2013

County Champs (Open and Major)

The last round (6), of the Open Championship was due to be played last night at Wigston, along with the remaining games of the final round of the Major.
It turned out that all the leading contenders are due to play next Thursday due to other commitments.
Three games were played. Paul Colburn drew with Karl Potter, Mike Salisbury also drew with Phil Harlow. I think Jez Wells beat Mick Tate but I'm not certain.
Next week, the leading contenders play each other. Andy Morley has a half point lead (4), and plays our own Graham Sharpe (3.5), with the white pieces. Martin Burrows (3.5) has white against Alan Byron (3.5). They all need to win so it should be interesting to watch.
Three players shared the lead on 3.0/4 going into the final round, Ricky Vaja, Toby Hoch and myself.
Pat Reid played a good game against Ricky, but blundered late on. My game against Toby was quite exciting, with mistakes made on both sides. A difficult ending was reached. I had a bishop and 5 against a knight and 4. My extra pawn was passed and isolated, and his knight was a good blockader. I think Toby might have drawn this but lost his way in the end.
This leaves myself and Ricky Vaja to play off with two 20 minute games. If a decider is needed its Armageddon.

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