Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Horrid Cup 5th Round

The fifth (and final) round of the Harrod was our first outing for James and Graham U. They played on boards 2 and 3. John (The Grinder) Manger was on board 1, and Drew was our board 4.

Ray and I were along for support.

In the first round our side had the black pieces. Drew dropped a rook; James looked solid enough, but was ground down; Graham and his opponent played a very exciting game which ended when Graham (realising that he was about to lose on time) was in a winning position, but wisely offered his opponent a draw; John and Parin agreed a draw.

After the break, with the white lumps, Graham dropped a clanger immediately, but came back with a sharp win; Drew exacted his bloody revenge in what was a truly horrible position for Reg; and James was again ground down.

Three points to four down, it was all up to The Grinder to secure the draw. When James had finished, John was an exchange up and looking good. In a sharp middlegame, however, John castled queenside and then it all fell to bits.

10 SepSyston 1W - BB - WHeathcote Arms 1
5 - 3
1127Suchak, Parin½ - ½1 - 0Manger, John143
2125Damodaran, Somanathan1 - 01 - 0Roberts James90
3100Mutambara, Seth½ - ½0 - 1Urquhart Graham80
492Agger, Reg1 - 00 - 1Harbidge, Drew67

Next week, friendlies at home. Any new players out there are welcome.

I have had an e-mail from Chris Johnson - he has now finished at University and has taken a job in Poland. He hopes to see us again next Summer.

The new handbook for the coming season is now available online at:

Well done everyone,


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