Tuesday, 4 June 2013

County Champs and Summer Cup Fixtures

County Championships

Not for the first time, a rival chesser had used this site to book up against me.

Things did not seem to be going well, but for a short while I thought I might just be able to mate my opponent in the middle of the board - if only...

Elsewhere is the room,

Raymondov lost to N Chalashnakov
Golf Man lost to Paul Findley
The Grinder drew with Andy Pike in the Challengers.

This week, it the Major and the Open Section of the Counties on Thursday. The draws have not yet been published.

Summer Cups

HA1 plays at home on Tuesday 11th against Willowbrook in the Wylie Cup.
HA2/3 plays at home against Wigston 1 in the Harrod. This will likely either be on the 11th, or the 18th.

Well done everyone,


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