Saturday, 19 January 2013

HA3 vs Wigston 5

Lost 3-1, with the Grinder getting the point to avoid us being bagelled.  However, no real surprise, as, apart from Board 1, we were fairly outgraded, and Wigston are top of the table.

Due to the fact that Ben has already posted about this, I haven't got much to add.  However, early lessons from 2013 are:
  • If you are in a winning position, go on and win. (This is a note for me: Fritz reckoned I was about +4 despite material equality, but I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.)
  • Slow down. (This is a note for Drew - as Ben noted, he seemed to have less than five minutes left towards the end of his game, but in reality it was less than 65 minutes.)
  • Don't drink 7.3% ABV cider to drown your sorrows.  (Another note for me, as I agreed to join John Manger in sunny West Bromwich next weekend at the e2e4 event there.  Argh, the glamour of the chess-playing world...)
  • Can't add any words of wisdom for Gordon, as I didn't see any of his game.
I suppose I've made starts on two of my 2013 chess resolutions.  Make that three as I haven't mentioned Mrs. CENSORED either.

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