Wednesday, 12 December 2012

HA3 Vs Syston 4

I was mistaken about there being an HA1 League Cup match this Tuesday.

There was, however, a very hard fought match between HA3 and Syston 4.

On board 4, Gordon was a clear piece up, but having difficulty making progress. A blunder, however, saw his queen drop.

Meanwhile, on board 2, Hacker Dave was a knight for two pawns down. When the position was repeated on the board, his opponent announced 'that's twice' clearly indicating his willingness to agree a draw, but without actually making the offer. Dave then thought about his awful position for a while before pushing a pawn. Dave went on to drop another pawn, but, miraculously, a draw was agreed a short while later.

Ray's game looked like an up and down affair, but he was eventually able to promote his pawn forcing his opponent to swap a rook for it. 

Graham H, was victorious chalking up his first win since coming back to chess. It can only be a matter of time until he reaches his old form.

11 DecHeathcote Arms 3vSyston 4
2½ - 1½
1B110Hewitt, Graham1 - 0Agger, Reg92
2W95Ricketts, Dave½ - ½Veitch, Robert85
3B91Beach, Ray1 - 0Mundy, Rob81
4W43Milner, Gordon0 - 1Morelli, Nando80

Great result.

The league table now shows us as having two match wins, but this is actually three wins owing to a board anomally when we played Braunstone at the start of the season. We should, therefore appear in the middle of the table.

Good luck to HA1 on Thursday.

No matches after that until the New Year.

Apparently, there is a charity Blitz competition at Syston next Tuesday.


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