Saturday, 12 November 2011

Latimer (1) 3-2 HA (2)

Peter the President Reports:

Karl sent me a text about 6pm on Tues asking if we could play 5 boards. I said I'd ask at the club. Gordon was there and keen to play. So we arrived to find we were outgraded on every board. Gordon played really well only to lose out in the end to a very strong opponent. Ray won nicely. I was a pawn up against Chino and he sacrificied a second pawn to block the position. I offered a draw missing a trick to win the exchange pointed out to me afterwards. Shucks! Rob did really well to hold out against Karl, which left the match at 2 - 2 with John's game the decider. He was recovering from the lurgy and his stamina wilted at the end unfortunately. So, our first defeat but well played by everyone as we nearly upset the odds.

Peter the President.

10 NovLatimer 1vHeathcote Arms 2
3 - 2

1B170Nwachukwu, Chino½ - ½Harrison, Peter149
2W162Potter, Karl½ - ½Ensor, Rob128
3B123Slater, Brian L1 - 0Manger, John119
4W126Gurney, Roy0 - 1Beach, Ray105
5B120Zainuddin, Zaime1 - 0Milner, Gordon100

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