Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ay Caramba!

HA3 were at home against Red Admiral 2.

Michael lost out to the more experienced Calvin Burton.

Gordon was a piece down but hung on against Stan and made him work for it.

Haka Dave started out looking worse, but ended up with Queen and King against Bishop and King. His opponent offered him a draw two moves from mate - this was refused. There was some confusion after this game as Peter (with a barely detectable twinckle in his eye) told his Captain that a draw had been agreed.

As usual, i was last to finish. I had been equal on material throughout, but an isolated queen's pawn, having been a thorn in my side for most of the game, proved too much of a weakness in the ending.

15 NovHeathcote Arms 3vRed Admiral 2
1 - 3
1B118Ross, Colin0 - 1Carter, Andy110
2W93Ricketts, Dave1 - 0Barabas, Peter80
3B100Milner, Gordon0 - 1Parsons, Stan82
4W36Bubb, Michael0 - 1Burton, Calvin79

Next week, we have League Cup matches:

HA3 is at home against Braunstone 3 on Tuesday 22nd November.
HA2 is away at Melton Mowbray on Wednesday.
HA1 is away against Loughborough in the Major League Cup on Wednesday.

On Thursday, i take part in the play off for the County Championship Major Section.

Well done everyone,


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