Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Grass Arena

Graham B Reports:
Graham Sharpe has already played his round four match in the county champs and beat top seed Ilian Mladenov with the white pieces, the game is available on the LRCA website 
He now shares the lead with Alan Byron on 3.5. They will meet in round 5.

Colin Reports:

We had another good turnout for club night on Tuesday. There will not be one next week, on Tuesday 26th, however, as quite a few of us will be competing in the County Championships at Wigston on 28th July.

The following week, Tuesday, August 2nd, we play at home in the Harrod Cup against Hinckley and there may also be the opportunity of some casual games.

The Atkins 2011 (Leicester Chess Congress)

Details of this year's Leicester Chess Congress are now online at:

Our club is always wells represented amongst the competitors, and we have been known to win prizes.

The Grass Arena

The grass arena - the 1991 film based on the autobiography of John Healy - has now appeared on You Tube in 6x15 minute sections. The film details Healy's descent in alcoholism and violence in the parks of London, before he discovers a considerable talent for violence over the chess board. The chess begins in part 4 when he learns to play whilst in prison. Whilst there is not actually very much chess in the book, there is loads in the film. Well worth a look.

Well done everyone


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