Friday, 1 July 2011

Defeat at Syston for our First Birstall Cup Team

Owing to an organisational hiccough our team arrived at Syston a player short.

28 JunSyston 1vHeathcote Arms 1
3 - 2½
1W?Galligan, Brian1 - 0Ensor, Rob139
2B135Pourmozafari, Ben0 - 1Manger, John122
3W129Johnson, Cyril1 - 0**DEFAULT**?
4B109Gist, Elizabeth1 - 0Beach, Ray90

Ray reports: I commited all the mistakes that are possible on a chess board and lost badly to Liz Gist, John won against Ben Pourmozafari, and Rob had a great game, but lost in the end after two and a half hours.

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