Thursday, 24 March 2011

Last Round of the League Cups

Major League Cup

HA1 were still in with a shout on Tuesday. Alas, it was not to be.

22 MarHeathcote Arms 1vLoughborough 1GD
1½ - 2½-24
Handicap0 - ½
1½ - 3
1B192Sharpe, Graham½ - ½Sheahan, Sean172-20
2W168Bray, Dave½ - ½Eagleton, Greg161-7
3B156Cowley, Michael½ - ½Miller, James1582
4W153Booley, Graham0 - 1Jimenez, Alfonso1541

HA1 still have a match in hand, but can no longer catch Loughborough 1. Loughborough took the Cup through this win.

 Minor League Cup

On Wednesday, HA2/3 went to Loughborough to play their second team. We outgraded them to the point where Loughborough started with a 3 point head start, but this turned out to be a strategy that worked out. The two youngsters on boards 3 and 4 are good, improving rapidly, and they absolutely refuse to give up (my game lasted 76 moves and my opponent was playing with a lone king against some heavy material - consequently i did not get to see much of anyone else's games). I do know that Rob opened with e4 (!?), and, in a Sicilian, quickly gained his opponent's queen via a discovered check.

23 MarLoughborough 2vHeathcote Arms 2GD
0 - 4142
Handicap3 - 0
3 - 4
1W118Uski, Ville0 - 1Harrison, Peter13820
2B60Gordon, Stewart0 - 1Ensor, Rob13950
3W60Trusz, Ashish0 - 1Ross, Colin10242
4B60Kohli, Sameer0 - 1Beach, Ray9030

The (almost) final table looks like this:

1Heathcote Arms 2541059
2Spinney Hill 2531157
3Braunstone 2521245
4Loughborough 2521235
5Melton Mowbray 25212-25
6Wigston 15203-44
7Hinckley 14022-42
8Market Harborough 14013-71

We have won the Minor League Cup.

Well done to everyone, especially Pete Harrison who won all of his five games.

Anyway, back in the league:

  • HA2 have a couple of weeks off.
  • HA1 play at home against Shepshed and, to avoid relegation from the first Division, they really need a win.
  • HA3 play at home against Kirby Castlers 2.
Well done everyone.


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