Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Successful Evening - Club & County Championships

Last night there was a reasonable turn-out for the Club night with Drew, Michael, Rob, Pete, Brian & I turning up. It was partly to see the conclusion of the Minor Section of the County Championships. For the Heathcote to have any interest in the final proceedings, with Guy Closs & Dennis Wilkins being on 4/6, Andy Carter being on 3.5/5 and Ray on 3/5, we needed Ray to beat Stan "the Man" Parsons, and Colin to take a minimum of half a point off Andy. After a brief period, it was clear that Ray "never say die" Beach wouldn't be requiring a miracle, as he was soon in a strong position, and although Stan fought on for a lot of moves, the end was inevitable. Colin got himself in a position where he was a piece up, but Andy was more dynamic and although Colin was theoretically ahead, at one stage this wasn't too apparent. In the end Colin simplified to a Rook & King versus King ending, and although he faffed about for a bit, for once he wasn't in time trouble. Andy eventually resigned (one move before mate!) so that the section has a three-way tie, with Ray joining the other two on 4/6. There will be a rapid-play-off on a date to be confirmed. Well done Ray. (Despite my best efforts, I can't think of any way of being rude about Colin's performance - however, he must be ruing his draw against Stan, as he is now on 2.5/5 with a game against me to come.)

There were some friendly games too, and no great surprises sprung. Drew & Michael practiced writing their moves down in preparation for the League season kick-off, which is fast approaching.

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