Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ricketts for FIDE President - 2nd Policy Announced

After Brian reconfirmed that my policy of banning Knights from the chess board last night during Club Night was an excellent one, I am pleased to announce the second policy on which I am standing.

On Sunday, I picked up the Sunday Times Style section - an essential read for a confirmed style icon and fashionista like me (as you can tell.) On the front cover was a strap line "Game Plan - How Chess Made a Success of Supermodel Carmen Kass" and a photo of the said lady. (For images search Google Images.) So instead of going to Fashion News, Fashion Secrets & Wardrobe Mistress I went to page 10 "Carmen Kass. She's smart, successful and sexy. How the supermodel's winning moves are all based on chess."

It turns out that she is going out with Eric Lobran "a bespectacled, curly haired German chess grandmaster." A golden chance to write "the glamazon and the geek" which the Times doesn't miss. Carmen Kass is quoted as saying "chess is a game of tragedy" (she has obviously looked at some of my games) and "chess trains you to see through the head. You can make better choices, you can analyse good and bad, and you can see further."

This is all background to the policy I am proposing - Carmen, as well as being a successful supermodel and businesswoman is also president of the Estonian Chess Federation. I am therefore proposing that presidents and chairpersons of all chess organisations will henceforth be supermodels.

I would state that this is nothing personal with respect to Pete Harrison at the Heathcote Arms who is an excellent Chairman, but a broad international policy.

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Colin said...

Hail Haka Dave.

There certainly seem to be plenty of models in chess. Alexandra Kosteniuk - the current Women's World Champion. Magnus Carlsen, the current world number one is the male face of G-Star Raw (clothes for trendy youngsters, apparently) with Liv Tyler (elf woman in the Lord of the Rings films)as the female face. I think C J de Mooi (egg-head and ECF President) was an actor and model too.