Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Club Night - 3rd August 2010

Due to holidays there was a sparse (or select?) attendance. Ray, Drew & Michael showed up, and I had to play Guy in the County Championships. (Guy couldn't play on Thursday as scheduled, as he was going to the London Beer Festival. I tried really hard to persuade him to play immediately upon his return from the Smoke, but sadly he wasn't having any of it.) Pete also popped in at the start and later in the evening

Ray provided guidance to Drew & Michael, so if they develop Ray's never say die attitude, they will be fine.

For my game against Guy, I was playing Black. We started 1. e4 c5, and left the book fairly rapidly. I went a piece up early and then allowed Guy to Knight-fork me a couple of moves later. At this point a sense of deja-vue overcame me (see my previous blog about the Harrod Cup match versus Wigston). I reckon I am going to stand for FIDE President on the ticket of removing Knights from the chess board and replacing them with a piece that moves in a sensible manner. Anyone happy to propose or second me?Suffice to say I didn't win...

There is a Club night on Tuesday. Hopefully I will see you there clutching £25 in legal tender for your 2010-2011 subs. (Contrary to popular rumour, I do not accept payment in kind, or barter, or Euros.)

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