Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Syston (3) 1.5 - 2.5 Heathcote Arms (2)

There was an upset to start with as Rob miscalculated and lost on the back row to Ron King.
We then equalised as Ray defeated Mo Martin in no nonsense style.
Once again John showed us how good he is at endgames.
At 2-1 in our favour, my opponent and i each had four pawns and two rooks. My rooks were both on the seventh rank and i had a perperpetual check if i wanted it. I offered the draw to secure the match and this was accepted.

Well done everyone.

Calculators at the ready. Remember it is two points for a win and one point for a draw.

Out of 15 league matches, we have played 13. We have 20 points.
Last we heard, the Red Admiral had played 11 matches and had 12 points. If we lose our two remaining matches, and they win all their remaining matches, they could catch us. More of a danger, however, are Melton. Before Tuesday, Melton had played 11 matches and had 13 points. Melton played their twelfth match last night against Braunstone.

Further important matches to watch are:
Wed 17.03.10 Red Admiral 3 Vs Hinckley 2
Tue 13.04.10 Heathcote Arms 2 Vs Melton 3
Wed 14.04.10 RA3 Vs Braunstone 4
Tue 20th April Syston 3 Vs Melton 3
Wed 21st April RA3 Vs Heathcote Arms 2
Wed 28th April Melton 3 Vs Hinckley 2

Next Tuesday, we have our last League Cup match, against Hinckley, at our place.


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