Friday, 12 March 2010

HA2 win by skin of teeth at Hinckley.

We arrived early at Hinckley and we were dying to know the, previous night's, result between Melton and the Red Admiral -so Ray got out his mobile and called Stan Parsons to find out. We were not disappointed. RA3 had lost 3-1 - so bad news for Stan and his colleagues, but a favourable result for us. After we had finished dancing, it was time for some chess:

Rob sacrificed the exchange to gain greater mobility and development and this paid off with an early win. I then lost to Jason Smith. Jason had been attacking like crazy and i thought i had been defending well. I only just made the 30 move time control, but then fell foul of some tactics. John was in a bishop versus knight endgame and although it had looked equal, he was able to force his opponent into Zugzwang. This left Ray with a knight and a pawn versus a knight and three pawns - this was looking bad for a while, but then they each lost another pawn, one of Terry's two remaining pawns then fell and Ray's position started to look more drawable. Terry's flag then dropped. Ray, with only his King and Knight left, had insufficient mating material - so only a draw - but it was enough.

Afterwards, in the bar, Terry explained to us why he didn't have a computer at home. This was very amusing.

Hinckley 2 Vs Heathcote Arms 2
board 1 Riley, Ed (130) 0-1 (135) Ensor, Rob (White)
board 2 Radesk, Brian (117) 0-1 (134) Manger, John (Black)
board 3 Smith, Jason (100) 1-0 (112) Ross, Colin (White)
board 4 Clay, Terry (99) Drawn (90) Beach, Ray (Black)

Hinckley 1.5 - 2.5 Heathcote Arms

Very well done everyone.

So, the top of the division 5 league table must look something like this:

Heathcote Arms - played 12, points 18
Melton - played 11, points 13
Red Admiral - played 11, points 12

Next Tuesday, we play away against Syston 3.


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