Monday, 23 November 2009

Victory away at Red Admiral

At the risk of becoming predictable, I lost to Andy Carter after getting a knight trapped. Ray continued his run of fine form with an early win. Dave played Amber Carter (the Red Admiral's 10 year old Giga final champion)and turned down a draw, but then changed his mind after a couple more moves when he thought there might be trouble coming. John and Graham H had a very close game, but John was able to force home a win.

Red Admiral 3 v Heathcote Arms 2
1 B 129 Hewitt, Graham 0-1 Manger, John 134
2 W 100 Carter, Andy 1-0 Ross, Colin 112
3 B 80 Carter, Amber ½-½ Ricketts, Dave 104
4 W 80 Burton, Calvin 0-1 Beach, Ray 90

Well done everyone. This was RA2s first loss of the season. We play the Red Admiral again on Tuesday - this time, at our place and as part of the Junior League Cup.


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