Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Heathcote Arms 2 (3-1) Syston 3

There was a bit of excitement in the couple of hours prior to the match. John had been called back into work and so we had to find a fourth player quickly. Pete was around, however, and we were able to field the full number of players for the four boards.

This was Rob Ensor's first outing for HA2. Rob used to play for the University a few years back. He recently took part in the Intermediate section of the Atkins Congress and with three draws and two wins managed to walk away with a share in the prizemoney. Welcome Rob.

We outgraded our opponents by some way, but the games were close.
I lost in a king and pawn endgame in a game where the advantage had changed hands at least three or four times. Rob dropped a piece early on, but managed to regain it and was able to promote a rook pawn just ahead of a chasing king. Ray was able to trap his opponent's queen early on and exchange it off for a knight (Ray is on fire at the moment with two wins and two draws from the first four games). Pete exchanged a piece for two pawns early on and things looked very close for a long time before he triumphed in the endgame.

A few beers were had in the bar afterwards.

Heathcote Arms (2) 3 - 1 Syston (3)
Pete Harrison (140) 1-0 Ron King (105)
Rob Ensor (135) 1-0 Judith Mitton (90)
Colin Ross (112) 0-1 Mo Martin (90)
Ray Beach (90) 1-0 Reg Agger (82)

Well done everyone.

Our next match is on Wednesday 11th and is away at Melton Mowbray.


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