Friday, 15 May 2009

Wigston B 3-2 Littlethorpe D in Last Round of D34 Cup

For our team, this was to be the most important match of the season. Only a draw was necessary for the D34 Cup to be ours.

The differences in grading gave us a 1.5 point lead, meaning that a win and a draw from four boards was all that we needed. Unfortunately, Aaron called fifteen minutes before the start of the match to tell us that he could not make it.

In the calculation of bonuses, we had to discount Aaron's grade, and average out the grades of the remaining three players. The bonus therefore became 1 point rather than 1.5. With our bottom board defaulted, our two sides were now even at one point each, but Wigston had the stronger side.

The results were:

Wigston B 3-2 Littlethorpe D
Barrie Cooper (119) 0-1 Dick Salter (132)
Frank Hulford (123) 1-0 Colin Ross (100)
Charles Eastlake (124) 1-0 Ray Beach (99)
Paul Winterton (118) 1-0 Default (110)

Dick won an excellent game.

Well done to Wigston B.


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