Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Spinney Hill 3 (3-1) Littlethorpe 5

Not as bad as it sounds. Heavily outgraded as usual, our team managed two fine draws - Dave against Dave Pyke, and Ray against Stevan Preocanin. Due to a mix up over days, Aaron did not arrive. My game was even until around move 50 when i crumbled in an endgame where both of us were fighting for pawn promotion.

The scores on the doors were:

Spinney Hill 3 (3-1) Littlethorpe 5
Dave Pyke (138) Draw Dave Ricketts (100)
John Colver (127) 1-0 Colin Ross (100)
Stevan Preocanin (121) Draw Ray Beach (99)
Alan Butler (103) 1-0 Default

Well done Dave and Ray.

Our next League game is against Wigston 5 at The Heathcote, in Croft, on Tuesday 5th May.
As Littlethorpe D, we now have a date for our fifth round match in the D34 Cup. We will be playing away against Wigston B on Thursday 14th May - a win would secure us the silverware.


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