Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Littlethorpe D Continue Run of Victories in D34 Cup

Littlethorpe D yesterday lengthened their lead at the top of the D34 cup table with three wins from the first three rounds.

Melton had defaulted a board giving us a point, and with another 2 point bonus due to grade difference, Littlethorpe only needed a draw from three games to win, and even if we had lost all three games, we would still have drawn the match.

The first result settled the match as Herve scored a great win against Peter Poolan. I sketched out the position shortly before the end (below). Herve, with the white pieces, was a knight and a pawn up, and had just moved the pawn to g5. From this position, he was able to force his way through.

Aaron, also scored an impressive win against Peter Smith. A back rank combination won Peter's queen, and mate was not far behind.

Ray had been losing by a piece, but managed to equalise on material with a queen and a minor piece against two rooks and a minor piece, but time was against him.

The results were:

Littlethorpe D Melton B
Ray Beach (99) 0 Ian Farquharson (125) 1
Aaron Engels (82) 1 Peter Smith (109) 0
Herve Tribouilloy (62) 1 Peter Poolan (104) 0
Colin Ross (100) 1 Default (113) 0
Bonus 2

Final Score:
Littlethorpe D 5 Melton B 1

Well done everyone. A tremendous effort.


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