Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Littlethorpe 5 (1-3) Red Admiral 2

One of our less good performances, although Dave managed to checkmate Mick Slater.

The results were:

Littlethorpe 5 (1-3) Red Admiral 2
Colin Ross (100) 0 - 1 Paul Wyley (130)
Dave Ricketts (100) 1-0 Mick Slater (110)
Ray Beach (99)0-1 Stan Parsons (110)
Aaron Engels (82) 0-1 Andy Carter (110)

Our next League match is on Thursday 5th March away against Ashby 4.
As Littlethorpe D, in the D34 Cup (which we are still winning after three rounds) we will be playing away against Loughbrough B, our nearest rivals, on Thursday 26th March.

Well done Dave,


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