Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wylie Cup v Loughborough

So we (Graham Sharpe, Brandon Clarke, Sean Hewitt and Howard Phillips) racked up to play a strong Loughborough team. There were a total of 4 grading points in it!

Brandon got us off to a great start putting Alan Jex to the sword. Then Terry Adcock dropped a piece against Howard to put us 2-0 up. I won the exchange so all looked well but then it all went wrong and in the end I was lucky to get a draw with Dave Farrall. Finally John Mitchell beat Graham to leave us 2.5-1.5 up at the break.

Round 2 and Brandon won easily again to put us back on track but I got seriously duffed up to put us back on a knife edge. Graham drew his second game putting us 4-3 up but unfortunately [for us] Terry Adcock got a fearsome kingside attack and there was no way Howard could survive.

So very close on paper and so it proved over the board ; 4-4 the final result.

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