Thursday, 17 July 2008

Anything the 2nds can do !

We couldn't allow the second team to progress further than us , just imagine the crowing back at the club !! So albeit because Wigston had a weakened team , we were only 1/2 point down in the handicap stakes . With the "boy wonder" on our side how could we fail ?!
Sean's early win set us fair , then Brandon unfortunately fell foul of perpetual check , but Graham and myself both won to see us comfortably home 31/2 - 1

Result :
Steve Smith 1/2 Brandon !/2
John Daniel 0 Sean 1
Ray Townsend 0 Pete H 1
Brian Shuter 0 Graham B 1

Well done to everyone , and as the draw has been kind to us we'll hopefully meet the seconds in the final !!

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