Wednesday 22 January 2020

Haborough 3

This game didn't start too well but finished okay from Heathcote's point of view.
I sent a request to all the players asking them if they are available to play, as I normally do. My first reply was from John to say that on this occasion he was not available. I then heard from Richard who also could not play. Bill notified me that he was away therefore not available. Ray informed me that he was available and would play if required. I immediately informed him that he would be playing. At this point I had three players, from a total of eight, who were not available to play. I had not heard from Wendy regarding Drew's availability or from Pete so Ray and myself were the only two players confirmed to play this game.
Time was getting short as regards to notifying Harborough whether we could raise a team or not. I sent another email to Pete and Ray to let them know the situation and I sent a text directly to Drew explaining that I had not heard from Wendy and asking him if he was available.
The result of all the enquiries and the game was, Pete and Drew both got back to me and confirmed they were available and we went on to beat Harborough three and a half to a half.

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