Thursday, 17 October 2019

Tuesday the 15th of October I had contacted Heathcote 2 players to confirm the boards to be played. I knew Syston was a club with many strong players so I checked the strength of the Syston 5 team's previous line up. They had put out a very strong team with gradings exceeding those of Heathcote 2 . I was however, hoping to see our old friends Nando Morelli and Rob Mundy who we have always met in previous years.

However, Syston 5 put out nearly the same team that they put out against Ashby 5 on October 1st. My first thoughts were that on paper we will struggle against such strength. As the evening progressed the results came in, Board 1 Drew Harbidge 94 against Tony Robinson 119 a draw. Shortly afterwards Ray Beach 76 against Robert Stone 102 a draw. I had my head down concentrating on giving Mick Adams the best game I could summon up. My grade of 41 against Mick's of 81 with Mick eventually winning. The last game to finish was Richard Maconnachie 93 against Stuart Hollingworth 105 a win for Richard. Needless to say I was more than pleased with the result of a draw.

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