Saturday, 22 September 2012

Leicester Chess Congress 2012

It is that time of year just before the beginning of the new season when suddenly there is loads and loads of chess to play.

This week there will not be any matches on Tuesday, but there may be the chance of some friendlies down at the Heathcote Arms, although i probably will not be there.

On Wednesday 26th, there is the annual LRCA prizegiving and charity quickplay event at the Latimer Club. Contact Graham Booley if you are interested in forming a team.

The Leicester Chess Congress (The Atkins) begins on the evening of Friday 28th and finishes on Sunday 30th September. This takes place at Regent College off University Road and is Leicester's chess calendar highlight of the year. See for details. Even if you do not want to play, it is worth coming down just for the bookstall.

So far, Graham Booley and Rob Ensor (Formerly of this Parish) will be in the Major; with Hacker Dave, TPFKAR, Gordon and myself will be in the minor [a blog from everyone would be great].

There may be other Heathcote players too, but time to register, without the late entrance fee, is running out.

Like Sean says, 'Get your entries in'.

The following week, all three of our teams have their first matches of the season: HA1 is at home on Tuesday 2nd October against Braunstone 1. Also at home that night is HA3 against Syston 3. On Thursday 4th October, HA2 is away against Kirby Castlers 1.


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