Saturday, 18 August 2012

County Championships

Major Section

Bob had a walkover when Howard did not arrive.

John played with the white pieces against me. A Nimzo Indian with Qc2 and Bg5. Things did not go well for me and a mischievous white queen on my kingside caused me all sorts of problems. I thought for a very long time at one point and then made the worst possible move - dropping a rook. I played on for far longer than i should have before knocking my king over.

David versus Guy went down to rooks and pawns. I am pretty sure that Guy could have drawn by forcing a swap off of the rooks leaving his king in front of David's last pawn. Fritz's opinion would  been interesting. Instead, Guy blundered the rook.

A draw here would have led to a play off between David and John, but David's win gave him 4 points out of 5 and the title for the second year running.

David Reynolds 4.0
John Manger 3.5
Bob Collins 3
Howard Phillips 2
Colin Ross 2
Guy Closs 0.5

Minor Section

In the early rounds, last year's champion, Roy Lathwood, looked as if he might win again. In the fourth round, however, Roy was defeated by Mick Slater leaving things wide open.

This time, Ray played white against Mick and won convincingly with a knight and three pawns against King.

Roy could only manage a draw against Ben Vaughan.

Result: Ray wins the title for the second time.

Further down the field, Hacker Dave won against Amber.

Ray Beach 4.0
Mick Slater 3.5
Roy Lathwood 3.0
Ben Vaughan 3.0
Dave Ricketts 2.5
Amber Carter 1.5

There were others in the field, but i do not know how they got on.

Congratulations to David and Ray.

Next Week

On Tuesday 21st, we are at home in the Harrod Cup to Ashby.

Then, all over the Bank Holiday weekend, there is the e2e4 Hinckley Chess Congress. There are lot of entrants from Leicestershire and Hacker, The Grinder, and Raymondov will be playing seven games of chess from Friday night until Monday night.

Well done everyone.


BTW we have just passed 20 000 hits.
When i said at the AGM that we were currently having around 1000 hits a month, Graham B reckoned that was 10 of us checking it 100 times each.

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