Wednesday, 25 July 2012

ECF August 2012 Grades Online/David Ward Cup

The ECF have published the Summer Grading list online now.   Doesn't seem a vintage year for the Heathcote Arms.   Ignoring Sean (and I know that is difficult to do) the best increase in grade for Standard play seems to be 5 points for Graham Booley and the sadly departed (for pastures new and not down below) Rob Ensor.

Despite my pathetic record in the last 6 months - played 8 and won 3, lost 5, my standard grade has climbed a smidgeon, and as a result of the first couple of rounds of Harrod Cup my Rapid Play grade is at a new high of 99.

Having reviewed the annual change in Standard Gradings - although I run out of fingers so take this as provisional - I reckon that subject to no grading revisions the runner up for the David Ward Memorial Cup is John "The Grinder" Manger who has improved his grade by 12 points, but the winner is Graham "Our County Champ" Sharpe whose grade went up by 15 points.  Well done to both of them.  Rob Ensor managed +11, another creditable performance.

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