Thursday, 17 May 2012

First Round Harrod Cup Win

Harrod Cup

At 492 points, and with a maximum of 500 points allowed, i thought we were fielding a strong team, but then Kirby show up with a team totalling 499 points.

In the first round, Dave was first to finish. His opponent, Eddie, plays very quickly anyway, but made a few mistakes and Dave punished him. Ray played very well to come back from a deficit of a pawn and the exchange to draw. John went a piece up and was able to grind out the win. Pete made some mistakes in time trouble and his flag dropped, but by that time it was over anyway.

So, 2.5 points to 1.5 points after the first round was a good start.

After the break, Dave was first to finish again. Eddie had left a knight en pris. Dave was happy to force a draw. Ray found himself in trouble this time, but went down fighting. John and Pete both went a piece up and were able to convert.

5-3 to us was a seriously good result.

15 MayHeathcote Arms 1W - BB - WKirby Muxloe 1
5 - 3
1149Peter the President1 - 00 - 1Gray, Paul135
2130The Grinder1 - 01 - 0Townsend, Ray130
3105The player formerly known as Raymondov0 - 1½ - ½Walker, John128
494Haka Dave1 - 0½ - ½Hill, Eddie106

Next Week

Next Tuesday, no club night as several of us will be at Wigston on Thursday 24th to take part in the second rounds of the County Championship. Come and watch us if you are free:

Colin Ross Vs Howard Phillips
David Reynolds Vs John Manger
Andy Carter Vs Dave Ricketts
Ray has a bye

Leicester Junior Training Day

26th July. This looks really good. Please find more information from the link.

The World Chess Championship

Four draws so far.

On Monday, there was a rather amusing piece on the Steve Giddins Blog.

Check out 'Rinky Dink' at

Well done everyone,


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