Thursday, 12 April 2012

Various News Items

This Tuesday

Tuesday saw another smallish club night at the Arms. I brought some books down and we played a few friendlies.

County Championship

The deadline for entries into the County Championship Competitions is this Friday and our representation is currently as follows:

Graham Sharpe (195) - Current County Champion
Sean Hewitt (156)
Graham Booley (147)


The Grinder (133)
Colin Ross (120)

Haka Dave (93)
Raymondov (87)

I know that other people were considering entering - the deadline is this Friday - 13th April. e-mail if interested - he will be glad to hear from you.

Summer Cups
We have entered one side (HA1) into the Wylie Cup, one side into the Harrod Cup (HA2/3) and one side into the Chapman Cup (HA2/3).
This should allow plenty of time for County Championship Games, the Summer Cups, and a Club Championship.

Next Tuesday
On Tuesday, 17th April, HA1 play in the last round of the Major League Cup. They have a good chance of winning this.

Also on Tuesday, we will be doing some coaching.


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