Monday, 30 May 2011

Harrod Cup, HA1 in the Chapman, and Championship Section of the Counties.

Harrod Cup

Michael was our hero of the day scoring a half point in his second game, having had chances in the first.
Gary's board was at the other side of the room, so we didn't see much of what was going on there. Dave and i did not do well.

24 MayHeathcote Arms 1W - BB - WWigston 1
½ - 7½
1102Ross, Colin0 - 10 - 1Wilson, Matthew135
298Ricketts, Dave0 - 10 - 1Eastlake, Charles125
380Sanders, Gary0 - 10 - 1Winterton, Paul102
460Bubb, Michael½ - ½0 - 1Vaughan, Ben100

Chapman Cup

A strong Shepshed team narrowly took a win from our first Chapman Cup side.
Heathcote's chances in the Birstall Cup now look better.

24 MayHeathcote Arms 1vShepshed 1GD
1 - 376
Handicap1½ - 0
2½ - 3
1W153Booley, Graham0 - 1Toothill, Andrew17017
2B138Harrison, Peter0 - 1Farrall, David16527
3W139Ensor, Rob½ - ½McDermott, Patrick16425
4B122Manger, John½ - ½Bennett, Kevin1297

Championship Section of the County Championships (Second Round)

Draws for both Grahams (leaving both on 1.5 points). Wins for Sean and Rajan (leaving both on 1 point).

1Salisbury, Michael WBraunstone1.02087Mladenov, IlianLoughborough1.021940-1
2Sharpe, GrahamHeathcote Arms1.02186 *Morley, AndyWigston1.02074 *½-½
3Deacon, PaulScraptoft Valle1.01922 *Byron, Alan MWigston1.021830-1
4Burrows, Martin PWigston1.02168Colburn, Paul JBraunstone1.02003½-½
5Booley, Graham MHeathcote Arms1.01790Horspool, PhilWigston1.02138 *½-½
6Robinson, John KBraunstone0.02001Harlow, PhilWigston1.01810 *½-½
7Denton, John RMelton Mowbray0.02062Farrall, David JShepshed Rooks0.018691-0
8Potter, Karl HSpinney Hill WM0.01899Nwachukwu, ChinoSpinney Hill WM0.01938 *0-1
9Hewitt, Sean DHeathcote Arms0.01923Wilson, Matthew RWigston0.00 *1-0
10Jimenez, AlfonsoLoughborough0.01857Ganger, RajanHeathcote Arms0.019190-1

This week, our club AGM is on Tuesday (bring your cheque book), where there might be the chance of a few friendlies after the business of the evening, and the lower sections on the Counties will be at Wigston on Thursday.

Well done everyone,


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