Saturday, 24 April 2010

HA2 Win Last Match of the Season

We asked the Red Admiral if they could play five boards. Stan replied by e-mail:

I think we can accommodate you, so sharpen your wits, you will be crushed by our mighty atoms.
Stan "the man"

I hadn't appreciated that the Red Admiral's first team were also playing at home that night to Ashby - so this had probably been a big ask from me (thanks, guys). There were nine boards being played in the alley.

The first result, in our match, was a win for me against Amber. Amber had played 3...Bd6 in the Ruy Lopez and this helped to hem in her other pieces' development. Rob then managed to go material up against Mick. Ray fell victim of a mating attack from Calvin in the middlegame against his castled king. Haka Father Christmas went a couple of pawns down against Stan and just could not stop them all in their rush for promotion. In John and Andy's game, time was running out and both had their rooks and Queens still on the board and they were lining them up against each other, but John was several pawns ahead. Although Andy faught like crazy - John emerged the victor.

Red Admiral (3 ) Vs Heathcote Arms (2) on 21/4/2010 
Leicestershire Division 5

board 1 Slater, Mick (100) 0-1 (135) Ensor, Rob (White)

board 2 Carter, Andy (100) 0-1 (134) Manger, John (Black)

board 3 Carter, Amber (80) 0-1 (112) Ross, Colin (White)

board 4 Parsons, Stan (83) 1-0 (104) Ricketts, Dave (Black)

board 5 Burton, Calvin (80) 1-0 (90)) Beach, Ray (White)

Score 2 - 3

Well done everyone.

Our performance in the League, this season, was 11 Wins, 2 Draws, and 2 Losses.
Our performance in the Junior League Cup, however, was less impressive at four losses, a draw and no wins - but we can't have everything.

There will be now be an intermission of several weeks before the Summer Cups and County Champs begin, but in the meantime we still have club nights at the Heathcote Arms on Tuesday nights.

See you there,


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