Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heathcote Arms (2) 2.5 - 1.5 Syston (3)

On Tuesday, both HA1 and HA2 played at home.
Whilst HA1 continued its unbeaten run, this season, with a drawn match against Melton 1; HA2 managed a win consolidating our position at the top of division 5.

On board 3, and in a tight position, against Mo Martin, after 27 moves, i offered a draw which was accepted. Rob then simplified in a King and seven pawn against King and six pawn endgame and converted a technical win against Ron King. John was a piece and two pawns up for most of his game against Judith Mitton, but she put up a fight. Once again, in a very sharp game, Ray seemed to have the edge, but blundered after a long struggle.

board 1 Ensor, Rob 135 1-0 105 King, Ron
board 2 Manger, John 134 1-0 90 Mitton, Judith
board 3 Ross, Colin 112 Drawn 90 Martin, Maurice
board 4 Beach, Ray 90 0-1 82 Agger, Reg

Well done everyone.

Next week, we are away at Melton on Wednesday, and a win would not do us any harm at all.


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