Friday, 16 January 2009

Wigston (5) 3 - 1 Littlethorpe (5)

We knew that this side were all likely to be 120's. We have all been playing above our grades this season, but we were not really expecting to win this one. Aaron and Herve both did well and scored much deserved draws. Ray and i both lost.
The match went like this:

Wigston (5) 3-1 Littlethorpe (5)
B Cooper (119) 1-0 C Ross (100)
C Eastlake (124) 1-0 R Beach (99)
D Wilkins (122) Draw A Engels (82)
P Winterton (118) Draw H Tribouilloy (62)

On Tuesday 20th January, we do battle against Spinney Hill 3, at home, over five boards.


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