Friday, 8 August 2008

Littlethorpe 2 out of Chapman Cup

On Tuesday night, Littlethorpe 2 lost narrowly to Market Harborough in the Semi-Final of the Chapman Cup. With a half point bonus due to grade difference, we needed two points from four boards to be sure of victory. First, Howard drew on the top board; Colin then won on the fourth; Andy lost on the second; and that left Dick needing a draw on three. Market Harborough, needing a win, were not going to offer or accept any draws, however, and this game went right to the end of the time available with their man gaining the edge in the closing few minutes. The results were:

Phillips, Howard (119) Draw Oppenheim C (125)
Johnson, Andy (117) 0 - 1 Thomson J (117)
Salter, Dick (86) 0 -1 Hatton P (112)
Ross, Colin (70) 1-0 Gilbert J (87)

Market Harborough beat Littlethorpe 2.5 points to 2.

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