Monday, 12 November 2012

Leicestershire Vs Shropshire

The Grinder Reports:

A few notes on Saturday's County U140 match vs. Shropshire:

I was one of four drivers, and took Mick Busby, Parin Suchak and Charles Eastlake.

The match was to be played at a halfway point, Wall, near Lichfield.

Had a slight problem on the way. We were so busy talking chess that I missed the A5 turn off on the M69. We then backtracked from M6 to A5 as we didn't feel like paying a fiver on the M6 Toll. Luckily we had allowed plenty of time, and arrived 15 mins before start.

Cyril was missing around five over 130 players, so we were again significantly outgraded.

The match finished 11-4 to Shropshire, with one board to be adjudicated due to a draw claim under rule 10.2.

I played board 4 against Graham Shepherd (137). He was on the back foot for much of the game, but I couldnt push the advantage home. I refused two draw offers, but when the match was lost I agreed.

From memory we had only my draw and another on board 2 from Ian Farqharson in the top 8 boards, so we were well and truly sent home with our tails between our legs.

The highlight of the day for me was on the journey home. Talking all things chess again. Parin told us that he had played Gary Kasparov in a 30 board simul. Not only that, but a few years ago he had met Vishy Anand in Delhi, and had played a one to one game with him!

To have played against two of the greatest ever chessplayers. Wow!

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