Wednesday, 1 November 2017

HA3 Not Bottom of the Table Anymore.

31 OctHeathcote Arms 3vWigston 4
1B122Ross, Colin10Eastlake, Charles118
2W92Roberts, Bill01Woods, Trevor99
3B94Maconnachie, Richard01Kershaw, Harry89
4W90Harbidge, Drew10McKiernan, John87

Last night, HA3 took its first step towards its main mission for the season - namely finishing above Red Admiral in the table. Gordon, our non-playing Captain, had a plan. Hooray - a point!

My game below against Charles Eastlake was rather sharp.


Friday, 27 October 2017

HA2 (3-1) Syston 3

24 OctHeathcote Arms 2vSyston 3

1B152Harrison, Peter01Gramaticu, Constantin170
2W149Booley, Graham10Pourmozafari, Ben130
3B139Manger, John10Suchak, Parin133
4W133Cowley, Michael10Stone, Robert105
A good result at home for HA2.
The outcome of the game on board 3 was decided by the clock with white to move in the position below.


Fritz gives this the following continuation: 1 Rf7, Rb2+, 2 Kc1 Rg2, 3 Ra7+ Kb4, 4 Rc7=
The start of the new season has seen a welcome return of our club night with plenty of casual games going on.


Friday, 20 October 2017

Atkins Rapidplay

On Sunday 15.10.17 Ray, John and I competed in the latest version of the Atkins. This was a six round Rapid Play Swiss held at Leicester Grammar School in Great Glen. This was a nice venue and there was a decent turnout. Time control was 20 minutes plus 10 seconds per move from the start.

One of the highlights was Hebden (with White) K+Q+P winning against Dong K+Q in a game that lasted around 50 minutes.

I was very pleased to jointly win the Minor with 5/6.

Sorry, no games recorded.

Results available at:


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Syston 1 (4.5-0.5) HA1

On Tuesday, I was drafted in as a sub for HA1 against a seriously strong Syston 1 team.

I opened with the Ruy Lopez. Black played 8...d5, a move known as the Marshall Attack. The idea of the Marshall is that black sacrifices a pawn for development and then throws everything at White's kingside. This was the first time that I had faced it. My queenside pieces became trapped and I did not get time to untangle them and bring them into the game. Some homework required.

Graham B was a pawn up, but running short on time. He had at least a draw, but then made an error (I made the same mistake as I played along in my head).

10 OctSyston 1vHeathcote Arms 1
1B242Hebden, Mark10Sharpe, Graham177
2W186Galligan, Brian½½Bray, Dave177
3B178Taylor, Robert10Booley, Graham149
4W181Naylor, John10Manger, John139
5B167Robinson, John10Ross, Colin122

Market Harborough were also playing Syston 3. I watched a very exciting finish between Ian Clarke and Ben Pourmozafari. Ben had over 30 minutes in hand to Ian's 2 minutes, and eventually seconds. Both sides were pushing pawns towards the end of the board. It ended with Ben's King jumping around six squares into a corner out of harm's way.

It is the Atkins Rapidplay Tournament this Sunday.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Braunstone 2 (3.5 - 0.5) HA3

03 OctBraunstone 2vHeathcote Arms 3
1B120Closs, Guy½½Ross, Colin122
2W124Reid, Patrick10Maconnachie, Richard94
3B105Gulab, Vijay10Harbidge, Drew90
4W96Barlow, Steve10Milner, Gordon39

Ray was also present as a supporter. The match was perhaps not as one sided as the score suggests. Gordon played well on board 4 and he and Steve were the last to finish.

Against me, Guy missed a win with 42...Qe1+ picking up the Bishop. I was so relieved that he missed this, that I offered a draw following my next move. My best hope was Qf8 followed by Qg7#, but getting the time to make these moves was far from certain. 


Friday, 8 September 2017

County Champs (Minor) 5th Round

After round 4, I was on 4 points, but could still be caught by Granville Hill and Les Corlett - both on 3 points. For round 5, I was drawn with the white pieces against Granville. In order to retain the Minor title I would have to at least draw. If I lost, I would have had to playoff against Granville; and if I lost and Les won, there would have been a playoff between Granville, Les and myself.

I had played Granville twice before. I had been white both times and Granville had played the Sicilian both times, so I had spent the last week preparing for a Sicilian. This turned out to be a waste of time since, on the night, he met e4 with the Scandinavian Defence.

Things started badly. I made poor opening moves, moved my queen twice and allowed my king to get stuck in the middle of the board with a centralised rook and queen bearing down on it. Granville had an active position and things were not looking at all good for me.

On the next board, Les demolished Charles Eastlake in seven moves.

Fortunately for me, Granville blundered on move 16. He had meant to retake my bishop with his rook, but picked up his knight in error. This left me a piece up and I was able to hang on.

Also in the Minor, Ray won against Harry Kershaw; and Gordon's opponent did not appear.
John lost to Jim Bingham in the Challengers and this sealed the section for Jim.

Heathcote play in the 5th round of the Harrod at Ashby on the 14th.


Harrod Cup 4th Round

22 AugHeathcote ArmsWBBWWigston
1182Sharpe, Graham1010Dawkins, Stuart119
2109Ross, Colin0101Chalashkanov, Nikola115
383Roberts, Bill0110Kershaw, Harry118
485Beach, Ray0101Woods, Trevor114

A bad day at the office. Rapidplay, so unfortunately no moves recorded.