Friday, 8 September 2017

County Champs (Minor) 5th Round

After round 4, I was on 4 points, but could still be caught by Granville Hill and Les Corlett - both on 3 points. For round 5, I was drawn with the white pieces against Granville. In order to retain the Minor title I would have to at least draw. If I lost, I would have had to playoff against Granville; and if I lost and Les won, there would have been a playoff between Granville, Les and myself.

I had played Granville twice before. I had been white both times and Granville had played the Sicilian both times, so I had spent the last week preparing for a Sicilian. This turned out to be a waste of time since, on the night, he met e4 with the Scandinavian Defence.

Things started badly. I made poor opening moves, moved my queen twice and allowed my king to get stuck in the middle of the board with a centralised rook and queen bearing down on it. Granville had an active position and things were not looking at all good for me.

On the next board, Les demolished Charles Eastlake in seven moves.

Fortunately for me, Granville blundered on move 16. He had meant to retake my bishop with his rook, but picked up his knight in error. This left me a piece up and I was able to hang on.

Also in the Minor, Ray won against Harry Kershaw; and Gordon's opponent did not appear.
John lost to Jim Bingham in the Challengers and this sealed the section for Jim.

Heathcote play in the 5th round of the Harrod at Ashby on the 14th.


Harrod Cup 4th Round

22 AugHeathcote ArmsWBBWWigston
1182Sharpe, Graham1010Dawkins, Stuart119
2109Ross, Colin0101Chalashkanov, Nikola115
383Roberts, Bill0110Kershaw, Harry118
485Beach, Ray0101Woods, Trevor114

A bad day at the office. Rapidplay, so unfortunately no moves recorded.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Well done COLIN  4 wins I think you have retained  the  cup

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Philidor's Legacy

I am not around on the 10th, so John Oliver and I played our 4th round Minor game at the Heathcote Arms on Tuesday. Ray came down to watch.


Friday, 14 July 2017

Harrod Cup Third Round & County Champs Third Round.

Following wins in the first two rounds, we faced a perfectly selected 500 grade Ashby team on Tuesday. It looked very much like we were going to lose until John pulled off a quite excellent save with only seconds left on his clock.

11 JulHeathcote ArmsWBBWAshby 2
1182Sharpe, Graham0110Dove, Tom173
2127Manger, John0110Gibson, Paul146
3109Ross, Colin1010Worrow-Goodin, George97
439Milner, Gordon0101Hart, Jake84

1Heathcote Arms321025
3Ashby 1220034
4Ashby 2311113
5Kirby Muxloe310232
7Melton Mowbray210102

On Thursday, several of us were in action in the CCs at Wigston. Ray beat Gordon. Bill lost. Graham S won. I beat John McKiernan, who I last met in the play off for last year's Minor.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Birstall Cup Match at Loughborough

Already knocked out of the Chapman Cup, things did not go any better in the Birstall. There was no handicap. I lost early to Peter Hickman. Game below:

Ray then lost too. John won, but then Mike was in time trouble in this position with the black pieces. Mike took the pawn on g6 and lost to h7 - it cannot be stopped. Can you see anything better for black?


05 JulLoughborough 2vHeathcote ArmsGD
1W158Miller, James10Cowley, Michael148-10
2B119Adcock, Terry01Manger, John14122
3W112Hickman, Peter10Ross, Colin1120
4B119Adcock, Michael10Beach, Ray88-31

Tuesday, we are home in the Harrod against Ashby and on Thursday it is the County Championship.


Friday, 9 June 2017

CCs Minor (Round 2) Bill Vs Colin

In Round 2 of the Minor, Bill and I were drawn against each other. I am not around next week, so we played our game early. I was up against it in the middle-game, but hung on. After white's 23rd move, we were equal on material and Bill offered me a draw, but by then I felt I had the edge and was able to convert the point.

Afterwards, we watched the exciting 0 - 1 conclusion of Graham Sharpe Vs Shabir Okhai in the Open. Graham B was around too, playing Sherif Gonem, but I did not get to see any of that game.

Next Thursday, in the Minor, Ray plays Andy Carter and Gordon plays Paul Martin and John is down to play Jez Wells in the Challengers. 

Good luck everyone.