Saturday, 24 November 2012

League Cups Second Round

A nice result from HA1 on Tuesday:

20 NovHeathcote Arms 1vWillowbrook 1GD
2½ - 1½-33
Handicap0 - ½
2½ - 2
1W196Sharpe, Graham½ - ½Deacon, Paul158-38
2B169Bray, Dave½ - ½Hart, Gavin152-17
3W147Mad Mike1 - 0Pattinson, John15811
4B131The Grinder½ - ½Tate, Michael14211

On Thursday, HA2/3 played away at Loughborough. On paper, Loughborough were far stronger giving us a huge handicap advantage. Gary and Drew had their work cut out and both lost quite early.

I managed a win against Sam Gallant in a really sharp Ruy Lopez. Having won a rook early on, my queenside was undeveloped and my kingside came under attack and things could easily have gone in favour of my opponent.

Ray then drew with Terry Adcock.

21 NovLoughborough 1vHeathcote Arms 2GD
2½ - 1½-130
Handicap0 - 2½
2½ - 4
1B128Gallant, Sam0 - 1Ross, Colin119-9
2W122Adcock, Terry½ - ½Beach, Ray91-31
3B113Hickman, Peter1 - 0Harbidge, Drew60-50
4W80Kueppers, Christina1 - 0Sanders, Gary40-40

This coming week, HA1 play at home on Tuesday against Melton Mowbray 1.
Also on Tuesday, HA3 play away against Syston 4.
On Thursday, HA2 play away at Ashby 3.

Well done everyone,


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